Linda Kent,
Chicago NCS

Senior Commercial Underwriter   |  
Local Title Operations
Chicago, Illinois


Linda Kent represents the essence of NCS at Chicago Title and will celebrate her 46th anniversary with the company in 2018. She is a Senior Commercial Underwriter , responsible for large commercial transactions within her customer base of local law firms, developers and banks. The depth of Linda’s underwriting knowledge spans four decades of cross-training, including time spent learning escrow, examination and management. Her institutional knowledge of title insurance has been a great source of trust and dependability for her customers and co-workers, alike.

Linda attributes her unparalleled success to great examples, including her parents, customers, senior underwriters and bosses. Linda continually puts her customers first by proactively addressing potential issues and typically responding to queries within 30 minutes, an industry exception.

When your boss sets an example of a strong work ethic, respect and responsiveness, then everyone on the team strives to do the same.

Linda’s industry experience and fiercely loyal customer following make her the standard by which our customers judge all local underwriters in our industry. Linda’s relationships are as strong as they get and in many cases have continued for decades. Her clients have come to rely on Linda so much she is often considered the most important piece of their entire real estate transaction.

Linda and her husband live in Lemont, Illinois. They enjoy spending any free time with their three sons and four grandchildren.