Tyson Kouros, Esq.,
Chicago NCS

Associate Commercial Counsel   |  
Local Title Operations
Chicago, Illinois


Tyson Kouros is Associate Commercial Counsel at Chicago Title’s Chicago National Commercial Service (NCS) operation, handling underwriting for multi-million dollar commercial transactions in the Chicago metro area. Tyson is an 18-year FNF career loyalist. He started his career at Chicago Title as a title examiner right out of law school and eventually moved to Ticor Title for five years before returning to his alma mater, Chicago Title. Currently, Tyson works as an Attorney Title Officer, helping his law firm customers to prepare for closing by ensuring any title issues such as liens, easements, surveys or zoning issues are appropriately noted and managed.

If we have done our job properly, the day of the closing should go very smoothly for our customers. That is always my goal.

Tyson received his Juris Doctor from John Marshall Law School in 1987 and is an active member of the Chicago Bar Association. Tyson often presents industry material to attorneys as part of their continuing education in addition to providing internal seminars to junior underwriting staff.